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The key to finding the ideal dental marketing business for your clinic is to pick one that is familiar with your practice and its surrounding area. Finding PPO patients differs from finding patients on a fee-for-service or Medicaid basis. They should also be aware of the socioeconomic realities in your area. Finally, seek for someone who focuses on the data that matter, such as production and collections, rather than marketing metrics like website views, prospects, and Facebook likes.

Our clients have access to their marketing expenditure outcomes dashboard, which allows them to track their marketing results in real time.
You can view which promotions produced each phone call, the caller’s phone number, and if the caller is a new or existing number in this dashboard.
All phone calls are also recorded so that you can listen back to them for training purposes.

We only work with dentists, dental firms, and organizations. Our team has decades of combined expertise in the dental profession, allowing us to know what works and what doesn’t. You don’t have to be concerned that we’ll spend your money on ineffective marketing.

There are a variety of online resources available to market dentistry and attract new patients.
A responsive, user-friendly, and fully SEO-optimized website should always be the first step in online promotion.
All other online efforts should drive patients to this page, which will offer you the most control over what a patient sees.

A full-service dental advertising agency that has only worked with dentists.
We manage all types of online (websites, search optimization, social media content, Google Ad and Facebook campaigns), offline (3 forms of direct mail, all print media, radio, TV, billboards, signage, basic branding), and combined online and offline.